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Balancing Copper and Zinc for a Healthier Pregnancy: A Holistic Approach

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Embarking on a wellness journey is an empowering endeavor, and at Balanced Friends, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive insights through detailed functional medicine labs. These labs offer a clear roadmap tailored to individual needs, eliminating guesswork and expediting your path to feeling your best.

One pivotal lab we rely on involves a simple hair sample, allowing us to evaluate the crucial copper-to-zinc ratio. Personally, when I took this lab, I discovered an excess of copper relative to zinc levels. My own journey unveiled that my previous use of a copper IUD for a year had contributed to this imbalance. Making this revelation was a game-changer, prompting me to reconsider my birth control choices.

Balancing Copper and Zinc for a Healthier Pregnancy

Here is why balancing copper and zinc for a healthier pregnancy matters. Research links this imbalance to potential risks of autism and birth defects in future offspring. I believe, like many, that taking proactive steps to minimize these risks for our future children is of paramount importance. At Balanced Friends, we advocate for assessing copper to zinc ratio, especially for our fertility clients and those planning to conceive in the near future. Prioritizing the well-being of both future parents before pregnancy sets the stage for a healthier, lower-risk pregnancy and a thriving baby.

It's crucial to recognize that both copper and zinc are essential for proper bodily function, but maintaining a healthy balance is key. Unfortunately, this critical ratio is often overlooked in conventional healthcare. A practitioner might identify low zinc levels and recommend a supplement without considering your copper-to-zinc ratio. This oversight can potentially lead to supplementation causing unintended harm. This emphasizes the crucial distinction between seeking holistic healthcare guidance and self-supplementation. It underscores why we're so passionate about guiding our clients toward safe, tailored supplement choices.

Initiating your holistic health journey with this lab is an excellent starting point. Beyond assessing the copper-zinc ratio, it provides valuable insights into your stress response and screens for heavy metal toxicity. Conveniently administered at home with complimentary return shipping. This accessibility represents the future of health, and we're thrilled to be at the forefront of this movement!!

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