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We are two Integrative Health Practitioners and stay at home Mamas dedicated to helping you balance life naturally! Our virtual practice is designed to give you a step by step plan to naturally detox your body of mold, toxic metals, parasites, gut imbalance, and support liver health without leaving the comfort of your own home! We are the future of healthcare. It's our mission to disrupt the broken medical system we know today to be the "band aid" approach. Balanced Friends makes natural health more convenient, accessable, and affordable. It's our passion turned organically into a career.  

Our Story

Meet Sam and Alyssa, the dynamic duo behind Balanced Friends, a virtual holistic healthcare company that is reshaping the future of healthcare. As two Integrative Health Practitioners and devoted stay-at-home Mamas, they are on a mission to help you balance life naturally, right from the comfort of your own home.

Their journey began in 2010 when they met in dental hygiene school, where an unbreakable bond formed between them. Little did they know that their paths would lead them to co-owning a groundbreaking virtual healthcare venture. From being roommates during and after college to working together in a dental office, Sam and Alyssa's friendship endured and evolved, ultimately fueling their passion for holistic health.

Their firsthand experience as dental hygienists exposed them to the flaws in the American healthcare system. Faced with the pressure to sell dentistry and witnessing the dominance of insurance, big pharma, and processed foods, they saw patients' health deteriorate. The system often prioritized quick fixes over addressing the root causes, leaving patients masked by pharmaceuticals while their underlying issues persisted.

Frustrated with the limitations of western medicine, Sam and Alyssa transitioned to holistic health, inspired not only by their dental hygiene experiences but also by their shared upbringing. Raised in low-income households with divorced parents, alcoholism, and limited access to natural health, they developed the resilience and empathy needed to become advocates for holistic living.

In 2017, their world underwent a seismic shift when one of them moved to Germany. Despite the distance, the friends decided to create the Balanced Friends Instagram page during a memorable train ride to Paris. What started as a fun way to stay connected transformed into a platform promoting holistic health and wellness. Little did they know, this endeavor would lead them to become Certified Integrative Health Practitioners.

Balanced Friends is more than a business; it's a reflection of Sam and Alyssa's commitment to helping others achieve balance in their lives. Their virtual functional medicine detoxification programs address issues such as mold, toxic metals, liver health, parasites, and gut imbalance. These programs provide step-by-step guides, therapeutic supplements, food guidelines, recipe ideas, and education, empowering clients to achieve long-term success.

As business besties and dedicated stay-at-home Mamas, Sam and Alyssa understand the importance of balance and convenience in achieving wellness goals. They believe in a holistic approach to health that accommodates the realities of busy lives. Balanced Friends is not just a healthcare solution; it's a movement to disrupt the broken healthcare system by making holistic health more accessible, affordable, and convenient. Step into a more vibrant version of yourself with the help of Sam and Alyssa—where the future of health is right at your fingertips!

Sam & Alyssa

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