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Are You Taking The Right Type Zinc?!

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Did you know there are different types of zinc supplements? Did you know your body could need a certain type of zinc compared to someone else? Thank you holistic health for remembering that everyone is an individual and needs to be treated like one! There is never a one-size-fits-all approach to healing.

zinc pills

This is why we are so big on running very detailed at-home functional medicine labs with our private wellness clients. The functional medicine labs tells us exactly what your body needs! It eliminates the guesswork from your wellness journey and gets you feeling better ASAP. One of our favorite labs checks the ratio between copper & zinc. When I ran this lab on myself, I had too much copper compared to zinc. Excess copper comes from many things but for me personally, I had a copper IUD for 1 year as my preferred birth control method at the time which known to leak copper into the tissues.

Zinc & Copper Balance

It's alarming to have too much copper compared to zinc because it's linked to autism and birth defects in our future children. So we insist on checking this ratio with our fertility clients or anyone thinking about becoming pregnant soon! Our body needs both copper and zinc to function properly but not in excess and it must be in the proper ratio!!

Often times these vital ratios are overlooked by many healthcare professionals. Instead of evaluating the ratios, they see low zinc and tell you to take zinc and send you on your way without ever checking your copper to zinc ratio. This could cause you to supplement with the wrong type/dosage of zinc and cause more harm than good. THIS is the major difference in care when you choose to work with a holistic healthcare provider and why we are so passionate about the work we do for our clients!

The functional medicine lab that we use to obtain this information about our clients health is a simple hair test that gets delivered directly to your home and is free to ship back. It also checks for mineral imbalances and toxic heavy metals. It's never been so easy to take a deep dive into your health. Being able to heal yourself from the comfort of your own home is truly the future of health.

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