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Functional Medicine Detoxification Bootcamps for Longevity & Vitality 

At Home Functional Medicine Lab Testing

At Balanced Friends, we offer virtual functional medicine detoxification programs for mold, metals, liver, parasites, and gut health. Our bootcamps get to the root cause of troubling symptoms and provide an easy to follow step by step guide to detoxification. Each bootcamp uses third party tested therapeutic grade supplement kits, food guidelines, recipe ideas, and education to set our clients up for long-term success. The future of health is here!! It's possible to feel good and thrive without ever leaving the comfort of your own home! Being busy Mamas we understand that convenience is key to your wellness success. 

Balanced Friends Health Coaches

Welcome to Balanced Friends

Integrative Health Practitioners 

We are business besties and stay at home Mamas dedicated to helping you balance life naturally! Our virtual practice is on a mission to disrupt the broken healthcare system by increasing the access, affordability, and convenience of holistic health. Let us help you step into a more vibrant version of you!


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If you have any questions or would like to join our bootcamps, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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