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5 Must Have Detoxes To Boost Your Health Naturally

Updated: Jan 4

Written By: Balanced Friends

If you are new here - please allow me to say WE ARE THE DETOXING QUEENS! We believe that detoxing is paramount in today's world. Before we dive in, I think it's important to note that there is a big difference between true detoxification and a trendy cleanse. In this blog, we are talking about true detoxification. Each detox we mention is formulated by a board-certified naturopathic doctor, third party tested for purity, medication free, and natural. These are the top 5 detoxes to boost your health naturally! A friendly reminder that this is not medical advice, always talk to your doctor before starting any new supplements, and these detoxes are not recommended for anyone pregnant or breastfeeding.


I am no stranger to mold - I've had high levels show up on my lab tests two times. My first mold exposure was after I lived abroad in Germany and frequently used wet saunas. The second time came from a leak in my master bathroom. I believe the leak had been there for years but we discovered it after a year living in our new home. Unfortunately, mold is lurking everywhere - bathrooms, basements, coffee machines, coffee beans, wet saunas, some grains, nuts, and even wine to name a few places of possible exposures.

It's important to note that not everyone will have issues with mold. Thankfully the body has natural detoxing abilities. It's likely that you may have poor detoxing abilities if you struggle with a gut imbalance (like me postpartum), have MTHFR gene mutation (me again), or have poor immunity.

Some signs of mold toxicity include chronic allergies, skin rashes, congestion, eye irritation, brain fog, breathing issues, and chronic coughing. I personally had a skin rash on my face (upper right above my lip/on lower cheek area and on the inside of my lip), lots of face and body acne, and felt congested all the time. I also experienced low energy and major mood swings.

The pictures below are from 2019 - looking and feeling like this was partly what pushed me into my integrative health journey and encouraged me to become an IHP.

A few things I did to bounce back from toxic mold included a functional medicine mold detox included in our Mold Detox Bootcamp, purchasing an air purifier, had my home tested for mold with this easy kit. If you need more help locating mold in your home try this DustTest. I also located the source of the mold (my master bathroom) and eliminated it. We ended up doing a full bathroom renovation. I know it sounds expensive, but it was cheaper than moving to a new home! It's a must to stop the mold at it's source - if this is out of reach for you at the moment, then I highly recommend detoxing regularly until you can stop the mold at the source. I can attest to the efficacy of this detox as my lab retest came back negative for mold after completing this mold detox. My symptoms also improved drastically! If you want to lab test to find out if the mold detox is the right fit for you - you can purchase an at home mold lab test here.


Our liver is our body's filter. It's responsible for removing toxins from our body and blood. It literally keeps our body "clean". Naturally we need to change our filter from time to time and aid our liver in detoxification. In today's world there are far more man-made toxins and chemicals than when our grandparents were born. We simply are not living in the same world they lived in so we have to be much more proactive about purging our body of toxins. We also need to be more mindful of avoiding them whenever it's within our control. Realistically it's not possible to avoid ALL the toxins all the time and that's ok. Take it slow, give yourself grace, and do your best to make small and big swaps that work best for you where you are at right now. No toxic swap is too small! Not sure where to start? You can find some of our favorite healthy toxic free companies here.

If you are wondering if you need a liver detox, this might help clear things up - Do you or have you used Teflon pans, use mainstream cosmetics like Bath & Body Works and Dove deodorant, hold a job that exposes you to chemicals regularly, drink tap water, eat fast food or nonorganic food, drink alcohol, or use tobacco? Are you experiencing hormonal issues, low energy, poor mood, stubborn weight gain, infertility, or acne? If you answered YES to any of the above that's ok! It's time for a liver detox. The good news - This detox is a short 7 days and provides great results. We have had private wellness clients drop 10lbs, lower inflammation, get a positive pregnancy test after years of infertility struggles and was able to carry a baby full term to name a few success stories!! At Balanced Friends, we recommend completing a functional medicine liver detox included in our Liver Detox Bootcamp 3-4 times a year to maintain optimal health.


With toxic metals hiding everywhere, it's common for us to see elevated levels on our clients lab tests. Metals that we check for include mercury, aluminum, lead, arsenic, and cadmium. Exposure to these toxic metals can come from cookware, mainstream cosmetics, tap water, foods like tuna, silver dental fillings (or if you work in the dental field cleaning around them or removing them), cook food in foil, use tobacco, air pollution, and medications like Tums to name a few. This detox is one of our top picks for couples on their fertility journey as metals can cross the blood brain barrier during pregnancy and has been linked to birth defects.

Toxic metal symptoms often show up as tingling, numbness, forgetfulness, brain fog, low mood, confusion, seizures, and even tremors. Many clients go years on medications masking these symptoms without ever being lab tested for toxic metals. The at home lab is simple to take, free to mail back, and the consult with us is virtual - making this kind of information about your health easier to gather than ever before! The metals detox included in our Metals Detox Bootcamp is straightforward and can offer a lot of relief from these unwanted symptoms.


If we had to pick just one detox to highlight, it would be this one! The gut is truly the powerhouse of our overall health. Unfortunately there are many culpurates contributing to a gut imbalance such as tap water, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, pregnancy, chronic stress, nonorganic food, and a sugary processed diet to name a few. Our gut is a delicate balance of healthy "good" gut bacteria and harmful "bad" bacteria. While it's normal and healthy to have good and bad bacteria in the gut, we see unwanted symptoms when the bad take over the good. Symptoms of a gut imbalance may include skin issues like eczema, infertility, hormonal imbalance, irregular painful periods, stubborn weight gain, gas, bloat, constipation or loose stool, acid reflux, and food sensitivities.

We have personally completed this gut detox more than once and host regular virtual group coaching opportunites to walk clients through it as well! It's a 3 month commitment with an easy to follow guide for success. It includes supplements to wipe out the bad bacteria, support your body in elimination, and repopulates the good gut bacteria. It also includes food guidelines to tackle gut health from a food avenue as well. While the first 3 weeks are most restrictive with the diet, it's all temporary and well worth it! The biggest challenge that comes with this gut detox would be potential "die off" reactions, trouble staying on track for the duration of the protocol, and not enough family support. To set everyone up for success and combat these struggles - we created our virtual group bootcamps. The power of community has been essential in our clients success!! The advantage of working with a group also comes with virtual support in making this protocol fit your life where you are at right now. There is NEVER a perfect 3 months to dedicate to your health so instead we work as a team to overcome the obstacles that come up during the gut bootcamp. For some clients, major unexpected obstacles come up like losing a loved one and for others it's taking a long work trip or vacation - whatever life throws your way during this gut detox we got you covered!

The gut detox included in our Gut Detox Bootcamp is by far the camp that brings our clients the most success. We have had clients eliminate food sensitivities, obtain clear skin, 25+ pound weight loss, lowered inflammation, overcome postpartum hair loss, and become pregnant during the gut detox after years of fertility struggles, improved mood, and better sleep to name a few. The success is no surprise to us as the gut is at the root of so many troubling symptoms. Correcting the gut is bound to bring relief!!

Not sure the gut detox is right for you? We have an at-home lab test that can help. It's as simple as peeing in a cup, freezing it, then sending it back! Visit this link to order your lab kit.


Parasites are an organism that can cause disease in humans. It's quite easy to pick up a parasite as they can be in undercooked food - hello sushi and steak tartar - two of my personal favorites! Pets like dogs can also expose humans to parasites. These pesky organisms can also be picked up through contaminated drinking water or even through international travel. I am convinced my husband and I both contracted a parasite during our travel to Thailand years ago. We had the worst food poisoning of our lives!! We were stuck in bed for days with a raging fever and uncontrollable vomit. Other than that the trip was a hit with beautiful beaches and Thai massages! This is an extreme example of a potential parasite. This was before my time as an Integrative Health Practitioner or else I would have completed the parasite detox as soon as we arrived back home!

Mild symptoms of parasites can include itchy anus especially at night when they tend to be more active, loss of appetite, stomach pain, loose stool, acid reflux, and dehydration. Parasites are known for flying under the radar and most doctors may think you are crazy for even bringing the topic up. The good news? You no longer need an in office visit with your doctor to get this information about your health. You can take your health into your own hands and easily complete this parasite detox that is included in our Parasite Detox Bootcamp without ever leaving your home. If you are unsure if a parasite is the cause of your symptoms - you guessed it - we have an at home lab test for you! Visit this link to order your lab kit.


Long story short - our world is TOXIC AF! What worked many years ago no longer works today because the world is different. We can't stress the importance of detoxification enough!! Each detox can easily be done in the comfort of your home and all the work we do at Balanced Friends is virtual for access and convenience. We host regular group detox opportunities to offer our support and guidance to set you up for the best success possible and for the best price possible. Our favorite part about all of this?! We are disrupting the medical system, big pharma, big food. The companies that have set our country up for failure. Our man-made toxins, pharmaceutical bandaid approached, insurance dictating treatment so doctors can get paid, and "food" designed to hijack our taste buds - it's the perfect recipe for sickness and feeling like crap! Enough is enough friends!!!! While all these detoxes are created by a board certified naturopathic doctor, you no longer need an expensive doctors visit or the approval of your insurance company to take your health back. You have all the power and the convenience of doing it all from home with a little virtual support from us. THIS is how we vote with our dollar! THIS is how we take our power back! THIS is how we change the future of healthcare!!



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