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The Best Toxic-Free Coffee Brand & Coffee Making Gadgets

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

I'm excited to bring you my all-time favorite toxic-free/mold-free coffee brand and healthy coffee gadgets! As a thanks to you for being part of our special wellness community, you can find 20% off & free shipping code at the end of this blog post. We hope this will make your transition into healthier coffee much easier! As someone who has struggled with mold toxicity in the past, it's important to me to eliminate mold exposure where I can. When I learned that mold is often hidden in coffee I was heartbroken. Who's with me?! I truly have no intention of giving up my daily dose of coffee and I personally don't know anyone who would.

Drinking coffee in moderation actually has amazing health benefits. High-quality coffee is known to decrease risk of many dis-eases such as liver cancer, type II diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer's, and congestive heart failure, and even helps to lower the risk of premature death in both men and women. That's a big deal! But just like food and supplements, it's quality that matters most.

Poor-quality coffee is heavily sprayed with chemicals that we consume as we drink it. This leads to poor long-term health and dis-ease in the body. Most of us consume coffee every day and sometimes many times a day making it even more important to choose a high quality safer brand. When it comes to eliminating toxin exposure, at Balanced Friends we always recommend starting with products/foods that you use/consume every day and coffee fits that category for most of us.


Why Toxic Free Coffee

So let's dive deeper into why I fell in love with Purity Coffee. You know how much Balanced Friends loves to support companies that design their products with our health in mind! Well, Purity Coffee is doing just that and leading the movement in healthier toxic free tasty coffee! Here are a few key factors that attracted me to Purity Coffee.

Organic - This means it's grown without harmful harsh chemicals!

Sourcing - This coffee is made from the top 1% of the highest quality beans. So the quality is there my friends! It's also obvious in the taste if you ask me.

Lab Testing - Purity Coffee lab tests their coffee to ensure it's mold and mycotoxin-free. What other coffee brand do you know that actually tests their coffee for safety?!

Antioxidants - This brand contains two times more antioxidants compared to other brands. We need antioxidants to help slow the aging process in our body and to help fight free radical damage.

So when it comes to coffee not only does quality matter but how you prepare it matters. The plastic coffee makers can be harmful to our health. Not to mention they could easily harbor mold! So we want to share a couple of our favorite coffee-making gadgets and tips to keep your coffee as healthy and pure as possible.

Coffee Grinder - I find that the best-tasting and freshest coffee comes from freshly ground whole beans. This coffee grinder is affordable, easy to use, and works well!

French Press - After you grind your beans (or if you choose to use ground coffee) I highly recommend giving a french press a try if you haven't already. This one is free from all plastic and is super cute! Using a french press is so easy! All it takes is some ground coffee beans and filtered water.

Espresso Machine - This machine has held up against the test of time. It gets used multiple times a day at our house and continues to provide us to healthy great tasting espresso drinks!

Filtered Water - To keep your coffee as pure as possible, it's so important to use good quality filtered water. Please note that not all water filters are created equal. The best water filtration company that we have found is PHPerscription. They are worth looking into for your water needs.

Coffee Creamers - If you don't like your coffee black, I would highly recommend using our Homemade Nut Milk Recipe in place of mainstream creamers. To keep your coffee as pure as possible, the last thing you want to do is mix it with a creamer full of synthetic chemicals such as artificial sugars, colors, and preservatives. We also find that cows dairy is a major food sensitivity issue for many of our private wellness clients and it's best to eliminate it from the diet most of the time for some people.

As a gift to you, save 20% and get free shipping with Purity Coffee by using

code: balancedfriends

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