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Ditch the Toxins: Clean Green with Homemade Cleaning Recipes

In our quest for a sparkling clean home, many of us reach for commercial cleaning products without giving much thought to the toxins lurking within them. From harsh chemicals to synthetic fragrances, these cleaners can pose serious risks to our health and the environment. Let's delve into the dangers of toxins in household cleaning products and explore safer alternatives you can make right at home.

The Hidden Dangers of Household Cleaners

Did you know that many household cleaners contain numerous toxic chemicals? From carcinogens to endocrine disruptors, these substances can have serious consequences for our health. Common ingredients like ammonia, chlorine, and phthalates have been linked to respiratory issues, skin irritation, hormone disruption, and even cancer. We would personally consider these not safe for anyone, but especially for our sensitive developing children. As two health-conscious mamas, like so many in our community, making safer swaps is important to keep the whole family healthy.

Homemade Cleaning Recipe

You can keep your home clean and toxin-free with this simple homemade cleaning recipe. Here is a fun cleaning cocktail recipe that is fun to make and works like a charm.

cleaning supplies
homemade all purpose cleaner

Cocktail All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Ingredients

    • 2 shots of vodka

    • 1 cup distilled white vinegar

    • 1/2 cup filtered water

    • 2 shots of organic lemon juice (you can use fresh lemons)

    • 10 drops of essential oil (such as lemon, lavender, or tea tree) *A personal favorite is the organic lemon & eucalyptus from Plant Therapy - it's labeled kid-safe and free from pesticides and other chemicals!

  • Instructions

  1. Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle.

  2. Shake well before each use. Spray onto surfaces and wipe clean with a cloth.

Plant Therapy Our Go-To Essential Oil Brand

Essential oils, renowned for their antibacterial and aromatic properties, can elevate any cleaning recipe! Plant Therapy is our top pick when it comes to essential oils because of the organic kid-safe options. They are also tested for purity and are more affordable than other brands on the market. We have been using their goodies for years and have been happy with every purchase!!

Embracing Plant Therapy in your journey toward a cleaner, more detoxified living space is not just about choosing products that are effective and safe, it's about embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes wellness and environmental sustainability! Plant Therapy's essential oils offer a natural alternative to harsh chemicals, making them an ideal choice for families seeking a healthier home environment. Their extensive range of organic and KidSafe options ensures that every room in your house can benefit from the therapeutic properties of essential oils without compromising on safety or efficacy. 

At Balanced Friends, we are sticklers for purity testing and Plant Therapy is perfectly in alignment with that! Plant Therapy makes it a priority to go through rigorous testing for purity which means you can incorporate these oils into your detoxification practices with confidence, knowing you're using products that are as beneficial for your well-being as they are for the planet. Whether you're diffusing them to purify the air, adding them to homemade cleaning solutions, or using them for their aromatherapeutic benefits, Plant Therapy's essential oils are a versatile and indispensable tool in your journey towards a cleaner, greener lifestyle. Their affordability and high-quality standards make them a wise choice for anyone looking to enhance their living space naturally, making every purchase a step towards a healthier home and planet.

Take the Next Step with Our Holistic Detox Bootcamps

Now that your cleaning supplies have been detoxed, let's take it a step further and detox your body! Explore our holistic detox bootcamps, where we dive deep into detoxification techniques for the whole body. Our bootcamps offer a comprehensive approach to cleansing the body from years of toxin build-up, metals, mold, gut issues, and more. Every detox bootcamp that we offer is completed in the comfort of your home making detoxing easier than ever before!

Visit our website to learn more about our detox bootcamps and start your journey to a healthier, toxin-free life today.

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Sam & Alyssa - Balanced Friends

This blog contains affiliate links and a paid partnership with Plant Therapy. But seriously they are amazing and worth supporting with your dollar!

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