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Gut Disruption During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Updated: Jan 30

Hey there, let's chat about the amazing changes in our bodies during pregnancy and breastfeeding—especially what's going on in our gut! It's like this incredible symphony of transformations happening inside us. Today we will chat more about gut disruption during pregnancy and breastfeeding and what you can do to protect yourself.

Gut Disruption During Pregnancy

When we’re growing a little human, our hormones go wild! And guess what? They impact not just our mood but also our gut microbiome. These changes create a super cozy space for different bacteria to thrive.

Research shows that during pregnancy, our gut microbiome—a community of tiny organisms living in our guts—shifts. MAJORLY. This contributes to gut disruption during pregnancy. Those hormone ups and downs influence how bacteria grow and survive in our gut. Plus, our immune system goes into superhero mode, making changes in our gut to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

Gut Disruption During Breastfeeding

Once the baby's here, the magic keeps going with breastfeeding! It’s not just about food; it’s like this special potion for our baby's tummy. Breast milk is loaded with cool stuff like antibodies and probiotics that help the baby’s gut grow strong.

What’s even more mind-blowing is how breast milk changes along with the baby. It’s like it knows exactly what the little one needs at different stages of growth. But during this amazing journey our guts, as moms, are still taking a major hit!

Gut Health Before and After

You know what’s really cool? We’ve learned that a mom's gut health even before getting pregnant can impact the baby’s gut later on! So, it's super awesome to prep our bodies before conception. We're talking about balancing our gut to give our future little one a great start.

But hey, after all the baby excitement, things might get a bit wobbly in our gut world. Hormones, stress, different eating habits, maybe even antibiotics, can shake things up. So, it's crucial to help our gut microbiome bounce back post-pregnancy.

Join Our Gut Balance Bootcamp

We’re all about balancing our bodies at every stage! If you're curious about truly balancing your gut after pregnancy or even before conceiving, check out our Gut Balance Bootcamp for some amazing tips and guidance. Gut imbalances can manifest in various ways, like disrupted sleep patterns, bothersome skin rashes or acne, persistent bloating, fatigue that just won't quit, irregularities in bowel movements, troublesome acid reflux, and even hints of hormonal imbalances. These symptoms can signal that our guts might need a little extra care and attention!

Conclusion: Celebrating the Gut Journey

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are like this fantastic dance in our bodies, especially in our gut world. It's not just about us; it’s about how a mom's health can influence the baby's development. Whether you looking to conceive in the near future or have had a baby or two and looking to get your body back and symptoms under control- we are here for you every step of the way! We have at home functional medicine lab tests or jump into our transformative Gut Balance Bootcamp !

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