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Toxic Metals Lurking in Our Cosmetics

In our pursuit of beauty and self-care, it's easy to overlook the potential health hazards hidden in our everyday cosmetics. Heavy metals, known for their toxic properties, often find their way into beauty products, posing a risk to our well-being. To make informed choices and safeguard our health, it's crucial to be aware of the types of toxic metals that may be present in cosmetics and which ingredients to steer clear of. At Balanced Friends, we trying to do our best to avoid ingredients and products like this but we know it is not easy to be a product detective so let's try to break it down a little bit. If you still feel like this is too much, we are here to help! Join one of our upcoming bootcamps to dive deeper. Can read more about those here.

Types of Toxic Metals in Cosmetics: Common culprits include lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, mercury, cobalt, and nickel which can sneak into cosmetics during the manufacturing process. These metals may not be listed on ingredient labels, making it challenging for consumers to identify and avoid them.

Ingredients to Avoid: Vigilance is key when selecting cosmetics. Keep an eye out for ingredients like this but know that this not a complete list lead acetate, thimerosal. Lead acetate, Lead sulfide, Mercurous chloride, Ammoniated mercury

Sodium hexametaphosphate, Arsenic trioxide, Arsenic disulfide, Cadmium sulfide, Cadmium oxide. Additionally, some cosmetics may have these elements in trace amounts, which, over time and with regular use, can accumulate and pose health risks. We like to prioritize cosmetics with transparent ingredient lists, avoid products with ambiguous or incomplete labeling, and consider brands that undergo rigorous testing to ensure the absence of heavy metals to make it easier. We have listed a couple below for you! We also love to the EWG for easy plug in and rating system of personal care products. See it here!

Choosing Safer Cosmetics: One brand that stands out in its commitment to safety is Beautycounter. Their dedication to clean beauty includes rigorous testing to ensure products are free from harmful substances, including heavy metals. By choosing Beautycounter, you prioritize both your beauty and your health. We also really love OneSkin. Which is a whole new level and uses the first peptide proven to reverse skin’s biological age!

Looking Towards a Heavy Metal-Free Future: For those passionate about purging toxic metals from their bodies and taking a proactive step towards better health, consider joining our Heavy Metal Bootcamp in 2024. This immersive program is designed to guide you through the process of eliminating heavy metals, offering a comprehensive approach to overall well-being. Help you learn tips for maintenance and where toxins hide! Uur Heavy Metal Bootcamp can empower us to prioritize our health and well-being. Together, let's embrace a future where beauty is synonymous with health and sustainability. Join Our Bootcamps here!

In good health

Sam & Alyssa

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