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Why Would I Consume My Placenta?!

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Written by: Alyssa

The truth is I spent a lot of time prepping for pregnancy and researching pregnancy decisions and birth decisions. So I equally wanted to prep for a baby and what comes

after birth. And a lot of times we don’t spend enough time prepping for postpartum. This is a personal choice and is not for everyone. But we want to empower mamas to know their choice and options. And this is one of those choices and decisions you can make. Some mamas don't even know this is an option!

So while pregnant the baby will take what it needs from mother whether mama has enough or not. And this doesn’t stop after birth with breastfeeding. We have to take care of ourselves as mamas so we aren’t left completely depleted. After 6 months or more of breastfeeding most women are extremely depleted of nutrients because we are providing for our baby and is a full time job. With that being said I've decided to encapsulate my placenta to consume. To try and see if this works for me.

What this means is after birth and after the cord has completely stopped pulsating. They will keep my placenta chill to have our specialist take it and have it dried and made into capsule. And a tincture! I will touch on capsules and tincture later. To find a specialist in your area it may take some digging depending where you are located. Here in Indiana there are not a ton of specialist. Other states and areas this may be easier to find.


Why would I do this you may ask?

There are many reasons and benefits to consuming your placenta. But I am going to touch on the reasons for ME.

-Can increase breast milk production: I want to make sure I have enough to feed my baby. And have enough in reserves for when I return to my dental hygiene job when I won’t be able to nurse on demand. I know for some people it can cause engorgement so may not work for everyone. Engorgement can be caused by other issues and may not be directly consuming placenta. The placenta contains prolactin which is a big role in milk production

-Can decrease postpartum bleeding and healing faster: who doesn’t want to heal faster? I have an active lifestyle and being down for awhile will really get to me. So anything to speed up the healing process would be great for me. I can’t wait to get my baby outside on walks so we both can soak up the vitamin D. Placenta contains stem cells to speed up healing uterus and bleeding.

-Increase in energy and better sleep: again- who wouldn’t want to have this. Especially with a newborn.

-Better mood and decrease risk of postpartum depression: I don’t typically trend towards depression but hey I’ve never given birth before. And my body has never had that dramatic of a hormone fluctuation! Why you may say we have Omegas, B vitamins, Vitamin D, exercise, etc to help combat depression and I don't disagree with this at all because those are very powerful tools. Placenta encapsulation is pretty inexpensive so I don’t think it hurts to try and have on hand. This is something you can’t go back and get it later if you decide you want it.

-Helps to balance iron levels: you’re decreasing your bloody supply a lot after baby is

born. So need to keep those iron levels balanced for me and baby. Iron levels are important during pregnancy but are also important for breastfeeding.

-Hormone boost: Hormones plummet after birth. Progesterone and estrogen remain low until period starts which can take months. Or for some women after breastfeeding. Hormones lows can make women feel tired sluggish emotional etc. placenta is full

of hormones so can help alleviate some of that dramatic plummet. Ho

rmone imbalances are linked to all kinds of other issues. Such as hair loss which is a huge topic and common after birth. Another common issue from imbalance is a thyroid issue!

-Contains vitamins and minerals. Like iron, b vitamins, amino acids. The main function of placenta during gestation is to deliver nutrients to baby. So why waste them?


So you can see there are quite a few benefits for placenta encapsulation. But like i mentioned this is individual decision and may not work for everyone. I personally think its worth a try and inexpensive enough for me to give a whirl. Based on other mama testimonials- they have had great results. Even comparing postpartum with and without placenta consumption.

There are a few ways to actual consume the placenta and include but not limited to eating placenta raw, encapsulation, and tincture. I thought a lot about consuming my first piece raw in a smoothie then encapsulating the rest but decided I didn't want to add that to my plate for post birth but have heard many good things about doing this. So my specialist will take my placenta to dehydrate and make in capsules. She will also make a tincture that I will be able to use for me or baby for several years so any hormone fluctuations we may run into.

This blog is just brushing the surface of placenta encapsulation but these are my main reasons for choosing to do this. My advice is to research this topic yourself and to find a qualified specialist to ask questions. Qualified meaning they are trained to do this safely!

Hope that helps friends!!

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