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Why I Quit Keto

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Many years ago, I thought the Ketogenic diet was the best thing since sliced bread! I loved the idea of eating all the yummy fat things like bacon, cheese, salami (or other highly processed meats like pepperoni), the list goes on. The fact that I didn't have to count or track anything was also a huge bonus. So I completely understand why many people are jumping onto this Keto trend because obviously I did too!!

Fast forward to where I am now ... An Integrative Health Practitioner full of nutritional knowledge and then some. At Balanced Friends we are firm believers in the saying once you know better you can do better. I ate Keto because (at the time) I didn't know better. When you take a hard look at Keto, you literally cut out an entire food group! Common sense tells us that can't be right nor is it sustainable long term. And major nutrient deficiencies are very common with any restrictive diet. Don't believe me? If you are following this diet and think it is working for you...let's run a lab test and find out! Why guess if a diet is working for you when you can find out for sure?

Now that I understand gluten free carbohydrates are necessary for energy and proper hormone health, I would never recommend my private wellness clients to follow a Ketogenic diet. Hormones and energy aside, this way of eating is typically full of foods containing dairy which is HIGHLY inflammatory for most people. We know this because we see it first hand on our clients functional medicine lab results! A diet that could be causing high levels of inflammation is not safe or ideal for anyone considering inflammation is at the root of all illnesses.

My last point about Keto comes down to the fact that there is NO diet that works for everyone. People that advertise/make money off diets like these have to make them appear to work for everyone because they have to sell it to EVERYONE!! After I quit Keto, I suffered from major hormone imbalances and the side effects from high inflammation. It's my hopes to put an end to this fad diet and encourage you to work with a certified health practitioner to create the balanced diet that truly works best for you. You are unique and therefore your diet will be too!! You deserve so much more than to fall victim to a fad diet like this.

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