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What is a Food Sensitivity?

More than 90% of people have a food sensitivity. What if this was the reason you were feeling bad and I told you that it can go away - without giving up that food forever?

A food sensitivity is different than a food allergy. An allergy to a food is immediate and severe/life threatening. A sensitivity wont cause death but they will cause unwanted symptoms and reactions in the body for up to 72 hours after eating a food. 90% of people suffer from a food sensitivity. Most common foods are gluten, dairy, egg whites, & nuts. There are many more common foods but these are the ones we see the most. I was sensitive to CHOCOLATE. What?! I was never going to give that up for good but I also didn't want inflammation in my body because of it. And that is the good thing about a food sensitivity vs an allergy. They can go away ( with the help of a practitioner of course ) and you can eat those foods again!

"Inflammation is at the root of all disease and when we let our bodies have massive inflammation - we are setting it up to fail."

How do we develop food sensitivities? To keep this short -somewhere along the way we have damaged our intestinal walls and that has created leaky gut. Pathogens escape through this leaky gut and triggers an immune system response. This damage can occur from inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy, NSAIDS, chemotherapy, antibiotics, birth control, alcohol, chronic stress, tap water, chlorine and fluoride. Our food is different than it used to be. The soil is different, the way its grown, what is sprayed on it, how its processed, etc. So food isn't the same that it was 50 years ago. Many things are added to our packaged food that once weren't there. These things like sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, harmful oils, food dyes, and other man made chemicals can cause an inflammatory response in our bodies. We unfortunately cannot test these (we want to avoid them anyways) with a food sensitivity test but we can test REAL foods.

Signs of Food Sensitivity


-Muscle or Joint Pain

-Skin Rash

-Mood Issues

-Learning Disorders

-Auto Immune Issues


-Brain Fog

-Sleep Apnea or Trouble


-Acid Reflux

-Water Retention

-Food Cravings or Addiction


-Waking up Puffy or Swollen

-Dark Circles Under Eyes

-Hard Time Losing Weight

-Brittle Hair, Nails, or Skin

-Heart Racing or Racing Pulse after Eating

-Digestive Issues like IBS, Chrohns, etc

Any of these symptoms could be from a food you consumed up to 3 days before experiencing this symptoms. It is hard to determine what that food may be without testing it. It can be done - but it takes a lot of time and journaling ( believe me because I tried this way ). Buying a random test isn't the same as running a functional medicine test to check these ( I also tried this way too- learn from my mistakes haha ).

As an Integrative Health Practitioner we work with many clients who have food sensitivities and who have damage to their intestinal walls. Sure an occasional skin rash from eating chocolate seems like no big deal but the inflammation happening inside of the body because of this IS a big deal! You can't continue to eat something your body thinks is an attacker and is causing inflammation without some poor outcome. Inflammation is at the root of all diseases and when we let our bodies have massive inflammation - we are setting it up to fail. Our bodies DO NOT want to fail or hurt us. When we have inflammation or symptoms like this - it is our bodies way of screaming for help! A simple food sensitivity test can tell us a lot about your gut and your body!

You can visit this page to see the Functional Medicine Lab tests we offer and contact us to find out if a Food Sensitivity Test is right for you!


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