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Balancing Act: Toxins and Hormonal Harmony

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Unfortunately, hormonal imbalances are far too common in both men and women. We too have suffered from hormonal imbalances and it's far from fun. I personally struggled with period pain, acne, and major mood swings. The acne took a toll on my self-esteem. The painful periods were a drag. The mood swings drove my husband crazy. They also drove me crazy because I knew I was being irrational but couldn't seem to snap out of it. One second I was happy and the next I felt sad, tired, and depressed for no real reason. At that time, my hormone health never crossed my mind. Now that I'm on the other side of the hump with happy hormones I can't believe I lived a life of misery for so long.

With our extensive knowledge about hormone health, we now understand that our hormones control EVERYTHING and they are up against a lot in our current environment. We help men and women all over the country to rebalance their hormones naturally and no one experiences the exact same set of symptoms. It's why we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to hormone health! Hormonal imbalances can show up in the body in many ways but here is a list of symptoms we most commonly see in our virtual practice.

  • Acne

  • Infertility

  • Irregular/Missing Periods

  • Unexplained Weight Gain or Loss ⁠

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Mood Swings

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Low Sex Drive

  • Hair Loss/ Thinning Hair (for both men and women)⁠

  • Digestive Issues (Vitamin Deficiencies, Gas, Bloat, Stomach Pain, Constipation, Loose Stool) ⁠

So why do so many people suffer from hormonal imbalances? The truth is, there are many factors that can cause our hormones to shift out of balance. For example, our environment/cosmetics are full of endocrine disruptors. This describes any chemical or toxin that's been proven to cause harm to our hormones. Below you can find a list of common endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

  • Arsenic - in groundwater, furniture, pesticides, herbicides

  • Atrazine - in most widely used weed killers sprayed on corn, wheat, sugarcane, and citrus crops, and sprayed on golf courses

  • BPA (bisphenol A) & Plastics - in water bottles, food storage containers, cosmetic containers, clothing, receipt coatings, some canned foods

  • Cadmium - in tobacco smoke and tires

  • Copper Toxicity - IUD, cookware, pipes, some foods

  • DDVP - household pesticide products

  • EtO (Ethylene Oxide) - in sterilizing agents, antifreeze, polyester fabrics (clothing/bedding), detergents

  • Flame Retardants - in plastics, paint, furniture, clothing, car seats, mattress

  • Formaldehyde - used to treat leather, clothing, plywood, foam insulation, vaccines, embalming

  • Lead- in water pipes, toys, older paint brands, soil, pottery, ceramics

  • Mercury - seafood, silver dental fillings, some vaccines

  • PCBs - in pesticides/non organic foods, our soil, and tap water

  • Pesticides - in non organic food, tap water, soil.

  • Perfluorinated Chemicals - in nonstick cookware

  • Phytoestrogens - chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body found in soy, soybeans, soy protein, tofu, soy sauce

  • Phthalates - in cosmetics, food packaging, makeup

  • Vinal - in car seats, clothing, shoes, shower curtain, lunch boxes, food containers, flooring

  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) - memory foam mattresses, paints, dry cleaning chemicals, paint thinners, sealants, glues, varnishes, wood preservatives

Keep in mind that although the above list is lengthy it still does not contain everything that our hormones are up against. For example, our livestock is given synthetic growth hormones (to get them to grow larger faster for more meat/milk production in order for the company to make more money) that enter our bodies when we consume conventional farm-raised animal products that are not organic, pasture-raised, or wild-caught. All the above has been linked to the early onset of puberty in our children. Our children are starting their periods earlier than ever before, breast cancer risk is on the rise, infertility is on the rise, sperm quality is at an all-time low, and some men have even started developing breasts similar to women. All are linked to our toxic environment and hormone disruption.

Aside from all the hormone haters above, I personally experienced a hormonal imbalance after taking synthetic hormones in the form of birth control pills for over ten years. I dive deeper into that in our blog post Hormonal Birth Control if you would like to learn more. Synthetic hormones are harmful for the long-term health of our natural hormones because they can cause our body to quit making its own natural hormones. It also can cause us to end up with excess harmful hormones putting us at higher risk for diseases.

Purge Toxins & Create Hormonal Harmony

Once you realize what your hormones are up against, it's easy to understand why it takes time, effort, proper detoxification, and professional help to naturally rebalance your hormones. It's no easy task but we both are living proof that it can be done. So don't give up hope! We have made it our mission to help clients all over the USA overcome the same hormonal imbalances that we have. Using virtual detox bootcamps, at-home functional medicine labs, proper supplementation, diet, and lifestyle modifications, all wrapped up in a tidy easy-to-follow guide that you get when you enroll in our camps! Let us show you how to purge toxins to create hormonal harmony in your body.

We are a virtual practice in hopes of increasing access to holistic health so we can help as many people as we can get to the root cause of their hormonal imbalances and provide them with the tools needed for long-term happy hormones. If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, we want to work with you. We think you deserve a life with balanced hormones because wow it makes all the difference!

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