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Stress Shuts Down Fertility

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The stress & fertility link is overlooked by too many health care providers and it's time that stops!! You deserve better! We believe anyone on their fertility journey should have their stress levels checked considering our bodies shut down fertility and ovulation under chronic stress. Your body's top priority is to keep you alive so when your body shifts to fight or flight mode it will shut down any systems it doesn't need to keep you alive (like ovulation and even proper digestion/gut-health). Not only do we believe stress levels should be checked, but we want to get to the root cause of your chronic stress! Here are common stressors we see in our virtual practice that are often overlooked by a western medicine approach:⁠

Heavy Metal Toxicity⁠



Yeast Overgrowth⁠

Gut Imbalance⁠

Mold Toxicity⁠

Nutritional Deficiencies⁠

High Cortisol Levels

Hormonal Imbalance ⁠

High Toxic Burden ⁠

Hidden Food Sensitivities⁠

Chronic stress on the body is not always obvious. Nor do we always feel stressed due to the body running on adrenaline while functioning in fight or flight mode. But once we discover the root cause of our stressors we can take steps to correct them to let our body feel safe enough to ovulate and give it the green light to grow a new life! If you want to take a natural approach to your fertility or just want to know your stress levels and what you can do about it visit our website to see what fertility packages we have to offer. Our packages are designed specifically to get to the root cause of your stress and to help you get as healthy as possible before conception. The best part? All packages, including lab testing, can be completed from the comfort of your own home! Healing yourself has never been so easy. This is the future of health!! ⁠

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