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Healthier Deviled Eggs

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

We love this healthy snack in our family. It's also a great dish to bring to family gatherings and holidays. It's a dish that can be really health or unhealthy depending on the brand/ingredients you choose to use. Be sure to read the post all the way to the end to have a better understanding of why we selected these specific ingredients and what they can do for your health.


-6 Pasture Raised Eggs: Will make 12 deviled eggs.

-1.5 tablespoon of Primal Kitchen Mayo

-1 teaspoon of Raw Local Honey or Beekeepers Naturals Honey

-1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother)

-1 or 1/2 scoop Collagen Powder

-1 teaspoon Organic Garlic Powder

-1 dash of Organic Turmeric Powder

-1 dash of Organic Black Pepper

-1 dash of Sea Salt

-1 dash of Organic Cayenne Pepper and/or Paprika


I have tried so many times to boil eggs on the stove top and some how I have managed to ruin them every time. Using an instant pot has helped me tremendously! My eggs come out perfect every time which saves me money. It also is so quick and easy which saves me a lot of time. I would highly recommend avoiding instant pots that have a non stick liner (due to toxins released when food gets cooked at high temperatures). Here is the Instant Pot that Alyssa & I both use and highly recommend. I boiled the eggs in the instant pot for about 5 minuets. Most instant pots will have an egg auto setting which is what I use! While the eggs are cooking grab a glass bowl and add a few ice cubes and fill with cold water. Once the eggs are done cooking and the pressure has been release, add the eggs to the ice bath for 5-7 minuets.

After the ice bath, peel the eggs and cut each egg in half. Place the yolks in a separate small bowl. Add the Primal Kitchen Mayo, dry seasonings, apple cider vinegar, raw local honey, and collagen powder to the bowl and mix with a fork and spoon. Add more seasonings to taste if you like!

Scoop yolk mixture into the halved eggs and top with paprika and/or cayenne pepper for a slight spicy kick. Store in the fridge in an glass air tight container and eat within a few days.

Why these ingredients?!

- Pasture Raised Eggs: Although eggs make the top of the most common food sensitivity list, they are actually very nutritious for those of us that don't have a sensitivity to them. The best way to know if you are sensitive to eggs is to get tested. Reach out to us for more functional medicine lab testing details. Pasture Raised eggs are more nutritious because the animals are out eating in the pasture consuming the foods that nature intended. They are not fed an inflammatory diet of wheat, corn, or soy. They also do not eat foods that contain toxic fertilizers. You also can feel good about eating eggs from pasture raised animals because they live a beautiful life unlike factory farmed animals that are cramped in poor living conditions making them more likely to get sick. Also factory farmed animals are routinely given antibiotics to keep them from getting sick. They also are given growth hormones and don't typically get to see natural sunlight for vitamin D. When you choose a better quality egg, they are an excellent source of protein and contain nutrients like B vitamins, selenium, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, iron, copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, and folate. Which are excellent for our overall health, gut health, fertility, and hormone health!

- Primal Kitchen Mayo: This mayo uses avocado oil (a healthy fat) instead of other brands that use inflammatory oils like canola. Other brands also can contain added sugar, use factory farmed eggs, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.

- Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother): Is incredible for gut health and digestion.

- Raw Local Honey: Honey really is medicine! It's good for allergies, skin, immunity, fertility, hormones, soothing a cough, and so much more. If you can't get your hands on a local raw honey we highly recommend the honest brand of Bee Keepers Naturals. We highly recommend steering clear of that cute honey bear you see on store shelves. A lot of other honey brands are full of fake sugar and other additives that instantly turn your healthy deviled eggs into unhealthy inflammatory deviled eggs.

- Turmeric Powder & Black Pepper: The black pepper helps the body to better absorb turmeric. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory spice. It's been known to help ease arthritis symptoms better than over the counter medication! It has many health benefits but one of our other favorites is that it's great for gut health. A favorite topic of ours. Since gut health is at the center of our overall health. Gut health impacts our immunity, skin, fertility, hormones, brain health, and so much more! Care for your gut and you will be surprised at what other health benefits you experience.

- Collagen Powder: This helps to heal the lining of the intestines and gut. It's known to promote healthy joints and skin health. We consume collagen powder almost everyday! I have more now that I am pregnant and am trying to prevent stretch marks. Collagen is extremely helpful for skin elasticity. So hello wrinkle and stretch mark prevention!! But quality really matters here. It's a very similar concept as the pasture raised eggs used in this recipe. Collagen typically comes from cows or chickens. It's so important to pick a trusted brand of collagen powder to avoid exposure to toxins, artificial hormones, chemicals, and common allergens. It's also important to be picky about brands due to supplements not being regulated here in the USA.

- Organic Garlic Powder: Is a prebiotic. Which means it helps to feed good gut bacteria. Again with the gut health! Garlic also boosts immunity and is an anti-parasitic food. Garlic. like raw honey, has a long list of health benefits so we cook with it a lot!

- Sea Salt: Contains over 84 minerals and trace elements like calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron, and much more. Sea Salt is a healthy alternative to processed table salt and also helps to keep our minerals and electrolytes balanced.

- Cayenne Pepper: This spice is excellent for nerve health and metabolism.

Thank you for reading until the end! Hope you enjoy these healthier deviled eggs as much as we do. Also let this be a lesson that the ingredients and brands that we support with our dollar matter most. As we share more recipes on our blog you will find that almost every meal can have a healthier twist! Hope you stay tuned for more of our favorite recipes!!

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