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Updated: Jan 10

We love this in our house! And is always on hand during this time of the year . There are many benefits and uses for Elderberries and many include medicinal remedies. This one was made specifically for medicinal uses. For prevention & relief of cold, flu, & sinus issues. Elderberries are a great immune system booster (prevention for illness). They have anti inflammatory & antioxidant properties ( sinus issues result when the nasal passages become inflamed). There are other great properties/ uses for elderberries but I think this one is important this time of year when illness goes around. There are other ways to consume elderberries than just syrup but this is SO simple and SO good! . I believe PREVENTION is KEY. Preventing illness by fueling the body with food that support a healthy immune system that can fight off illness. And consuming simple things like syrup and teas to PREVENT illness. I work in the healthcare field & am around patients all day. Some sick, some elderly, some young, some with diseases or illnesses, etc. I believe it’s important to fuel and support my body naturally to prevent from getting sick especially being around so many people every day. . Other tips to stay healthy- Fuel your body with organic fruits/vegetables to maximize vitamins and minerals, stay hydrated, get proper sleep, MOVE your body daily, avoiding sugar and inflammatory foods, using immune boosting herbs, high quality supplements & stress management . . HOW TO MAKE THIS SIP OF PREVENTION

: -1/2 cup dried elderberries -2 cups filtered water - 1 or 2 Whole cinnamon sticks - 5-7 whole cloves - 1 inch knob of ginger - 1/3 -1/2 ish cup of local honey (leave out if needed)

Combine all except honey in a sauce pan and bring to boil. The reduce to simmer and cover for 30-45 mins. The liquid should decrease a bit. Mash up elderberries and then strain into a jar. Add honey and stir! . #healnaturally #naturalhealth #healthcoaching #weightloss #healthyskin #healacne #detox #guthealth #howtohealyourgut #healthandwellness #labtests #supplements #integrativehealth #prevention #healthyimmunesystem #elderberrysyrup #natureheals #preventillness #naturalremedies