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80% Of Our Immunity Comes From The Gut

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Stay healthy all year long by taking care of your gut!

It's no secret that 80% of our immune system comes from our gut. This means gut health is more important than we ever realized. Since we have scary cold, flu, and viruses lurking around, we must learn to care for our gut to better support our body in fighting off illness.

If you suffer from a gut imbalance it will be impossible to stay strong and healthy all year round. At Balanced Friends we specialize in helping our clients naturally rebalance their gut and the results we see are mind blowing! Here are some common gut imbalance symptoms that we see in our virtual wellness practice.

Do You Suffer From

Weak Immunity/Get Sick Often⁠

Acid Reflux⁠

Poor Digestion⁠





Nutritional Deficiencies

Stomach Pain⁠

Mood Swings⁠


Skin Rashes⁠

Brain Fog⁠

Low Energy⁠

There are many symptoms that come with a gut imbalance since gut health is at the core of our overall health, but these are the most common symptoms that we see with our private wellness clients and have experienced ourselves. If you suffer from a gut imbalance it's imperative that you work with a holistic doctor or practitioner like us to correct it. The gut is very complex and it takes a high quality protocol to rebalance the gut.

That being said, it's worth noting that there is no quick fixes when it comes to the gut. We get frustrated with companies that are marketing their miracle product that will cure your gut. We also can't stand the most recent fad "candida cleanse" or "candida diet". We are here to tell you save your money because those don't work! We are thrilled that more people are becoming aware of the importance of gut health but with that comes companies eager to sell you a product to get their piece of the pie.

We often have clients that claim they have completed a candida cleanse or gut protocol only to have a gut imbalance still show up on their functional medicine labs. Unfortunately we aren't surprised because correcting a gut imbalance is tricky and takes skill. You must be on a specific protocol tailored to your unique needs that is specifically designed to kill the bad bacteria, replenish the good bacteria, then heal and seal the gut lining. We also do recommend a very specific diet and lifestyle modifications like avoid drinking dirty tap water- see additional helpful links below for more information. Diet alone will not do the trick. And most of all, there is no one miracle solution that is made to work for all of us. Companies have to market it to us that way because they have to sell it to ALL of us. You deserve better than that!

One example of marketing is how probiotics are all the craze these days. What if we told you that most contain dairy and if you have a hidden food sensitivity to dairy then this specific probiotic is not the right fit for you. Did you know that certain strains of bacteria are good for certain things? Did you know that there are different strengths of probiotics? What about adding more bacteria to a gut that already has far too much bacteria... are you adding fuel to the fire? You get my drift. It's irresponsible to attempt to heal your gut yourself for many reasons. Your gut health is so important so please invest in a provider you trust to help guide you along the way. The last thing you want to do is cause more harm than good and to waste your money on these fad products. Take it from someone who has spent thousands of dollars attempting to correct my gut imbalance! I finally invested in the right places and now have dedicated my life to help others overcome their gut imbalance naturally. I am living proof that it can be done with the proper steps. So with our gut packages, I walk our clients through the exact holistic approach to gut health that worked for me and our private wellness clients.

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**Please note that we make a small commission at no additional charge to you on any products you purchased through our links. We only promote products we personally use and have had a positive impact on our life. Thank you for supporting our small women owned business! We appreciate you!

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