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4 Steps to Eliminate Food Waste

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

We hate wasting food in our house for many reasons. One reason why we hate food waste is that we understand buying organic, pasture raised, wild caught, etc. is more spendy. So using these 4 steps will help you from throwing your money away and really help you to make the most of your grocery budget!


Only buy what you need. I make a list before shopping and stick to it! STEP 2

But we all know we still over buy at times because life happens. In this case- when food is going bad- I’ll make random meals from those foods, put them in my smoothie, or chop them up to freeze!

STEP 3 While cutting up foods, I keep my freezer bag and compost bin handy. Scraps that I like for broth go into the freezer bag. And the cut off ends, peels, egg shells, etc. go into my compost bin!

STEP 4 Eat leftovers the next day! They make for easy nutritious lunches or an easy dinner so I get a break from cooking after a long day of work.

It’s really rare that food gets “wasted” with these tips! What is something you do that helps to cut down on waste?!

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