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Meet The Balanced Friends

We met what seems like many moons ago in dental hygiene school where we basically became attached at the hip! At that time in our life we would have never guessed we would eventually become business partners on a mission to increase access to natural healthcare. The truth is ... Balanced Friends happened organically and a surprise to both of us. Balanced Friends was born on a train trip to Paris after a few mimosas! At this time in our life, we were used to spending a lot of time together. We were roommates during and after college and even worked as dental hygienist at the same place for a year.  But everything changed after one of us got relocated to Germany ... our life was flipped upside down! We had a 6 hour time difference and a million miles between us. It brought tears to our eyes to think that we would only see each other a few times a year instead of a few times a week. So Balanced Friends Instagram page started out as something fun to keep us together through the distance. We loved all things health and enjoyed sharing our knowledge with each other. We wanted to share and educate with everyone else. It gave us a reason to talk EVERY DAY (as if we wouldn't anyways haha). We had never dreamed that our Instagram page would propel us to become Certified Integrative Health Practitioners equipped to help others balance life naturally! Early on we accepted that we aren't perfect (we simply can't give up our wine, coffee, or dinner dates) and would never expect our clients to be perfect either. We believe life is all about BALANCE and no ones balance looks the same and that's OK!


Our personal health journeys led us to dive head first into integrative health and never look back. After healing ourselves, we knew it was our calling to help heal others. Unfortunately in the USA our health care system takes a band aid approach to health. The root cause is being masked by pharmaceuticals and lab tests continue to come back normal but our clients still "don't feel good". This approach has left Americans sicker than ever with cancer and infertility on the rise. We are dedicated to helping you feel good again! We take a root cause approach to long term healing and provide you with everything you need to successfully reach your health goals! If you have been let down by our current health care system, like us, then it is time to try something new! And we are here to guide you every step of the way! Nothing brings us more joy than helping others transform their life! We were lucky enough to have Dr. Cabral, a leading functional medicine doctor, as our mentor to help us build a wellness program designed to help you feel alive again! We are so happy to be here for you and are honored to be part of your wellness journey. 

Sam & Alyssa

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