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Functional Medicine Lab Tests

All functional medicine lab tests can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Functional Medicine Labs are highly detailed and will provide you with a comprehensive look at what is really going on inside your body. It's how we discovered imbalances in our own bodies like mold toxicity and bacterial overgrowth. These are the exact labs we recommend to our private wellness clients and have used ourselves. Labs are key to discovering the root cause to your unwanted health issues and truly take the guess work out of your wellness journey! Functional medicine labs often reveal imbalance in the body that western medicine labs fail to discover. 

These Labs Screen For

-Mold Toxicity

-Nutritional Deficiencies 

-Mineral Balance

-Hormonal Imbalance 

-Cortisol (Stress) Levels

-Bacterial & Candida Overgrowth 

-Delayed Food Sensitivities 

-Heavy Metal Toxicity


-Amenorrhea (Missing Periods)

-Unexplained Weight Gain or Loss

All labs will have an additional $75 consultation fee that is collected once we have your lab results. This allows us to go over all lab results with you and provide you with individualized wellness recommendations. Please note that the lab only releases results to a health practitioner and then we send you a copy of your results before your consultation. 

**This fee is waved for all private wellness clients who are completing one of our packages! Contact us for code word to access and order labs. This is strictly for your safety and so the lab company knows you are working with a skilled practitioner. 

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